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Online E-Learning Course Details

Acquiring the Next Generation of Supporters

This course not only teaches nonprofit fundraising professionals how to use Content Marketing to attract and grow a new generation of online-savvy supporters, but also includes a Field Trip to Las Vegas at the end of the course. The Field Trip includes a special full day Capstone Summit with outside professionals as well as the course instructor plus a specially designed half-day nonprofit-only tour and meetings with Zappos’ staff and management.

  • Lectures – 10 Sessions
  • Video – Over 4 hours
  • Field Trip – Including the Capstone Summit and Zappos Tour
  • Skill Level – All levels
  • Language – English

Cost of the online e-Learning Course

$1,795.00* for access to the course and field trip

Course Description

Contents and Overview

This course begins by explaining the big shift in marketing that all fundraisers are facing, moving from the traditional “push message” media marketing to “pull message” digital online content marketing and relationship building model and how to monetize those relationships to support your mission. The course ends with a Field Trip* to Las Vegas for the Capstone Summit and a tour and meetings with Zappos staff and management.

Each online session helps you connect-the-dots in what it takes to create and successfully manage this New Content Marketing-based online Development model. You will learn the significance of becoming a networked nonprofit as well as thinking like your supporters by communicating in real-time.

Over the ten weeks (assuming a session a week for ten weeks) of the course, your instructor will provide a weekly conference call tutoring session as a part of the course, to go over each session. You will be joined by other nonprofit professionals who are also taking the course at the same time as you and who will also be attending the Field Trip for the Capstone Summit and Zappos tour in Las Vegas at the conclusion of the course.

The course provides the right balance for busy professionals between online video lectures, online articles, limited outside reading and weekly tutoring with the instructor.

By the end of this course, you will understand what content marketing is all about and how to use it to build and grow new supporters. You will be confident enough with this new online model of fundraising to deploy it immediately.

You will also understand how this course provides a big boost to your career in nonprofit Development if you aspire to fundraising leadership.


What are the requirements?

There are no prerequisites for this course.


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Ten online sessions and over 4 hours of content!
  • Master how to develop and deploy a new online content marketing-based model of fundraising that connects with younger supporters.
  • Understand what it takes to attract and acquire new supporters in the online world.
  • You will become the “go to” online Development professional in your organization.
  • Two professionally life changing days in Las Vegas attending the Capstone Summit and the Zappos tour.

What is the target audience for this course?

Development professionals and nonprofit leadership that are looking to successfully shift fundraising online.



  1. The Shift, a Metaphor for Change
  2. The Networked Nonprofit
  3. Communicating in the Digital World – Part One
  4. Communicating in the Digital World – Part Two
  5. A New Development Model Emerges
  6. The Media Center
  7. The Engagement Center
  8. The Advancement Center
  9. Core Message
  10. The Financial Model

Instructor’s Biography

Mike Browne, Founder of Browne Innovation Group, is a recognized entrepreneur and innovative marketing professional and a regular guest lecturer since 1995 in the College of Business at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Mr. Browne has served on the Boards of public and private corporations as well as not-for-profits. In 2008, Mr. Browne was one of the co-founders of what is today known as Global Orphan Hope, an orphan care organization working with Haitian disabled and abandoned orphaned children. Mr. Browne has also been CEO of a number of corporations. He is a regular speaker at trade conferences and conventions including the Direct Marketing Association, the NCDC, the Bridge Conference as well as AFP. Mike has published numerous articles and is the author of the BIG’s Blog. Working with nonprofit’s organizational leadership; the educational focus is transforming fundraising into a new online content marketing-based sustainable relationship-centric methodology.

*Course price is per person and includes all online sessions, weekly tutoring, fees for Zappos tour and Capstone Summit in Las Vegas. All travel, hotel, some meals and course books are additional.