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BIG’s Blog: Putting Up the Christmas Tree With a Two-Year-Old

Have you ever put up the Christmas tree with a two-year-old?

My granddaughter just turned two last week and, clearly, she has no clue what Christmas is. But she’s excited and all-in!

Starting at this age, we begin acculturating little ones into the holiday.

How do we do that?

Well, we use all the senses, don’t we? From the smell of pine needles on the tree and cookies baking to beautiful flashing and twinkling lights, to the Christmas carols playing in the background everywhere you go.

But then her little brain kicks in and she wonders, “Why?”

That’s when … in our house … we tell the story of the baby Jesus being born on a cold winter night with the donkey and cows, and the shepherds being awakened by the majestic angelic choir, and the arrival of the three wise men bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the amazed parents.

And, of course, we go shopping in the beautifully decorated stores to buy wonderful gifts to give to those we love.

So we are intentionally creating an experience to connect this new little person to a holiday she knows nothing about.

And it works, doesn’t it?

It fills the senses… its stories and its experience.

It works because it is the way humans are wired.

It’s never just one thing; it’s the whole enchilada that engages people.

But, a question: Are there elements of content marketing that sound similar? Like telling stories, engaging people, sharing the experience, creating opportunities to become involved?

Maybe, that’s why content marketing works.

Because it is the way humans are wired.


Drip, Drip, Drip.



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