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BIG’S Blog: Scale

A lot of people throw out the term “scale” as if it’s really important… including me. “You must build a fundraising system that scales!”

As if scale is the ultimate goal.

But is it?

Scale made sense in the industrial era where mass production pushed down the cost per unit made, or the cost per acquisition of a new donor.

A little revenue from a lot of people is a mass of revenue.

But most of our “mass” things are going away.

Where has our mass media gone?

Take a hard look at your supporters.

Are they a mass? Were they ever a mass?

What’s the common thread?

Is it that they breathe, or is it that they care?

Not everyone thinks your jokes are funny. Not everyone shares your taste in restaurants, junk food or movies. People have different worldviews. People aren’t attracted to the same things.

Choice is huge.

In fundraising, maybe mass is over.

Quit talking to the masses… as if you could really do that anyway.

Talk to the ones who care.

Engage and build relationships with the ones who are passionate about you.

Scale isn’t what is important, it’s the ones.


Drip, Drip, Drip.


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