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BIG’s Blog: Cycles

Seth Godin wrote a great blog post recently about the natural cycle of institutions “peaking.” The focus of his lament was Apple, and it was the fact that Apple, as an enterprise, has begun a new cycle in their post-Steve Jobs era.

Reading between the lines, Godin is surmising that Apple has peaked, but his larger point is that this happens to all institutions and organizations when leadership changes.

Just like human leadership, technology also has its cycles.

For instance, in fundraising today, we are closing in on the end of one cycle tied to the technology revolution of the printing press invented almost 600 years ago, and the beginning of a new cycle tied to digital.

Today, virtually everybody carries personal communication devices with them. That was not the case as recently as 15 years ago. Can you believe the iPhone is only eight years old, and the iPad only five years old?

Our lives are now attuned to a real-time digital cycle.

I’m guessing your current analogue-based fundraising methodology has long ago peaked.

A new digital cycle of fundraising is beginning.

Drip, Drip, Drip.



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