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What Fitbit Taught Me About Engagement

A Leaderboard??? I thought those were only found at golf tournaments.

Fitbit is about keeping track of your steps, right? Isn’t that all a Fitbit is? 

Step counters have been around forever. You can buy one for $19. But Fitbits start at $129. Huh?

Turns out there’s way more.

You don’t just buy a device to wear on your wrist, you buy into a community. And the key element that pulls it all together is the Fitbit App that’s on your smartphone. You wear the device on your wrist (on your person) but it syncs up with the App and the App is your Fitbit Central.

It encourages you to connect with other Fitbit buddies; it is its own private club. You’re connected to people who are interested in what you are interested in.


There’s the Leader Board comparing you against your friends and family. It even has its own messaging system on its App for communications back and forth with those who are in your circle and who are tracking their journey with you. They even suggest workout regimens from other famous Fitbit users. Think of that, famous Fitbit users… Wow, I’m in a select club with famous people who are using the same device and interested in the same things I’m interested in. Kinda validates Fitbit doesn’t it?

You’re not alone. No one wants to be alone. You even get badges for hitting the milestones along your journey.

Fitbit has figured out that getting fit isn’t the goal; it’s a by-product of the journey. It’s Engagement, baby… it’s engagement.

Leaderboards and badges may not be important to you, but they are to a lot of people, and they serve a purpose.

And what drives all these leaderboards, badges, and other features that allow you to communicate back and forth with people you are competing against? It’s software. Software is what drives all the features that connect the elements of engagement and community. And it’s these engagement elements that keep people motivated and tuned in.

It’s software!

It’s what Marc Andreessen says: “Software is eating the world.”

Software can (will) be used to connect your Supporters on their journey with your organization, too.

Drip, Drip, Drip.


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