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Cry Babies

With few exceptions, I have had it with cry baby boomers. The baby boomer generation (of which I am a member) will keep nonprofits flush for the next 20 years, but for the most part, it won’t be the boomers who will be successfully raising money from boomers.

Why? Because they are waaaay too stuck in their ways of doing things.

“Next up: Neil Young’s announcement that he is pulling his music from streaming services because of poor sound quality. ‘He’s a cranky old man,’ says Blodget. ‘Not to get all academic, but that is one of the hallmarks of disruptive technology. They’re not as good, they’re just good enough. People hear disruptive technology and they think, Oh, someone invented something better. Actually, no. It’s usually worse. But it’s cheaper, faster, and easier, and it gets better over time.’”

Henry Blodget, the publisher of Business Insider said that.

Blodget’s a GenXer… 49 years old. He is building a successful publishing business ONLINE!

But what he is talking about is straight out of “a smart” baby boomers mouth… pure Clayton Christensen!

You don’t have to be a GenXer or Millennial to be Smart. Smart is Smart. Own your own intelligence. Educate yourself!

So why are so many in fundraising so stupid? Things change… figure it out!

Don’t go “Neil Young” and opt out unless your organization is rich enough that it doesn’t need donations. I mean seriously, streaming music is the new radio and Neil Young is taking himself off of radio because of the sound quality??? How many of you remember listening to music on AM radio before FM came along? Come on Neil, Blodget’s right, you’re just cranky!

But gather a bunch of baby boomer fundraisers together and what do they talk about? Is mail dying? When will it die?


All this talk about mail is distracting you from talking about the Internet. You cannot deny the future. Of course, milk revenue today from declining direct mail while it lasts. Mail can be your bridge to the future… but ramp up online!

The history of the Internet era demonstrates that those who cling to the past get overtaken by those moving into the future.

If your organization has resources like Neil Young and can do what you want, then fine. And you can choose to be a Luddite if you want, but it won’t serve your organization.

You don’t have to go to the Harvard business school where Clayton Christensen teaches to be familiar with his theories. In fact, you don’t even have to read his book (The Innovator’s Dilemma… unless you take my course). Start with Wikipedia or read this 2012 piece from The New Yorker, “When Giants Fail: What business has learned from Clayton Christensen.”

Then start thinking about really changing the direction of your fundraising… you can do this!

Drip, Drip, Drip.


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