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A Last Gasp Before…

Very rarely do we see the “last gasp” of a dying era so clearly. Most of the time, the signs of an end of something are muddled and clouded. Think about the Blackberry phone, my cell phone of choice (and probably yours) for so long.

Remember the thrill of one device not only letting you make calls but offering real-time email? Wow… what more could we ever want? THE killer Internet application from the inception of the Internet was email, and with the Blackberry we could send and receive email from this smallish device that we could carry anywhere!

And it worked like a dream!

What more could we possibly want?

Oh… the iPhone… who knew?

And what was the reaction of the people who made the Blackberry? That’s right, double down on a phone with just email. “What people really want is phone and email!”

They bet the company on it… and they lost!

Now comes word that the USPS will debut a new “online” service that will allow postal patrons “who sign up” to preview their mail online… and not just the important letters that come First Class, but their advertising mail.

“We are doing this to enhance the mail product, and mail is not a digital product, but this product is interactive. All you have to do is give me a link,” says Gary Reblin, the Postal Service’s VP of innovation and new products. “We think this is an idea that is going to change and revolutionize direct mail,” Reblin predicts. “Why? Because, for marketers, it’s all about response.”

I know… you can’t wait, right? Wow, we can actually go online and see black-and-white images of the letters that will actually show up (or not) in our mailbox in a few days!

Wow… sign me up!

Right, and it’s all about the marketer, not the Postal Patron… (the Customer).

Did Steve Jobs create the iPhone for marketers? Just sayin’…

Hey Mr. Reblin, if you REALLY want to help me with my mail as well as all those marketers who are paying the freight for brilliant ideas like this from the USPS? Try getting your postal carrier to get MY mail into MY mailbox in our neighborhood cluster box.

Last gasp…

Drip, Drip, Drip


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