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BIG’s Blog: Marketing is Changing

I got a call from a friend last week and he asked me if I thought marketing was dead. His comment caught me off-guard because some people do say “marketing is dead,” but other than Bill Lee in his famous HBR article of the same name (who used the title as hyperbole for the point he was making about the impact of the Internet), I realized that what he was really talking about was advertising. He was confused over word definitions.

Marketing is never going away. Marketing is the process of getting our message, our story, out there. As long as there are people, products, and causes, there will always be marketing because we humans need to understand the story of everything.

But advertising, which I term “interruption” advertising (ads in magazines & newspapers, radio ads, television commercials, billboards, even pop-up ads on the internet), is fading away. And quickly!

I mean seriously, I don’t know anyone who isn’t using their DVR to record shows and blast through commercials. And you are seeing fewer and fewer pop-up ads on the Internet. Why? Because people hate them, and will shun any site that allows them.

We are going through a major shift in communications with the coming of the Internet, and while I know marketing will make it, I’m less certain about advertising.

Unless, that is, they change the definition of advertising.

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