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BIG’s Blog: I’ve Just Heard of You

I’ve just heard of your organization.

Maybe I read something in the news about you?

Maybe a friend told me about your organization and to check it out?

Maybe I saw a YouTube video that caught my eye or somebody forwarded me something you had written?

But if I did see or hear about your organization, why should I care?

Hearing or seeing something about your organization introduces you to me. And since more and more of us get our news, information, and entertainment online, if you’re not reaching me online, you don’t exist.

For several generations, editors of newspapers, magazines, and even radio and TV networks knew that they had to grab our attention or their numbers in circulation or viewership would flag. And if their numbers were dropping, they couldn’t charge as much for advertising in their media. Thus, they wouldn’t bring in as much revenue.

So they produced stories or programs that we wanted to see. If they didn’t, they failed.

So today you are online… big deal, everybody is online.

You’ve only got a few seconds to get my attention. Maybe it’s the headline of something you wrote or was written about you. Maybe it was a picture or a video.

It grabs me … or it doesn’t.

If you’re not as serious as those editors of yore about getting people to really pay attention … exactly why are you wasting your time online?

And as I mentioned earlier, if you do get my attention, why should I care?

Being there (that is, online) isn’t enough anymore. The world is online. Yet being there is what most nonprofits brag about: “Hey, check out our new “updated” Website and we’re now on Facebook and Pinterest …!”

How many people are making contact with you online?

How many are connecting with you online?

How many are supporting you online?


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