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BIG’s Blog: What is your Cell Phone … Really?

Last week the Supreme Court ruled that police must get a search warrant from a judge before being able to search for any information on a person’s cell phone. It wasn’t even close at 9 to 0.
Today’s cell and smart phones aren’t just telephones; they carry virtually all the information about us. They are as sacred to us as our homes and are an extension of the private “us.” Now the Supremes have said our privacy is guaranteed.

Then we hear that Amazon will soon offer its own line of smartphones. Why would Amazon want to sell its own phone … other than currently missing out on a market opportunity where almost two billion devices are sold worldwide while we spend (collectively) over $1.5 trillion on wireless services? Er, that’s enough to get Jeff Bezo’s attention, isn’t it?

But when it comes to Amazon and Bezos, my guess is it is equally an extension of their primary strategy of driving more retail purchases through online access points, of which the cell phone is rapidly moving into first place. But more than just today’s purchases, if Amazon offers its own device, what do you think the default will be between search results when you’re searching for something online? Or, even if they aren’t that blatant, they at least know what you’re looking for. The police have to get a warrant to search your phone, but you and Amazon are buddies … joined at the “online and virtual” hip.  

Remember a couple of years ago when you had friends bragging that they didn’t … and wouldn’t … own a cell or smartphone? They all have one today, don’t they? And now the Supremes have extended your First Amendment rights to your smartphone.

So are you getting what all the fuss is about with cell phones?

For my regular readers, and especially those who have been through our program, this is just another validation of the mainstreaming of our world shifting online. Keep your fundraising focus online … and keep moving.

For the rest of my readers, including some long-term readers who still are mightily resisting moving their fundraising focus online, this is yet another “drip” of information that says you seriously need to rethink holding on so tightly to the past.

Clayton Christensen is a professor we talk a lot about in our online program. He wrote the book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. In his book he points out that, in regards to disruptive innovation, the fundamental things people do in their lives change relatively slowly. But, as he makes clear, we do change because our basic needs and desires don’t change until some inventor or innovator comes up with a better way to help us do what we were already doing (or wanted to get done).

In other words, the new innovation proves that it makes our life better, easier, or both.

That’s why your Luddite friends have smartphones today, even though just yesterday they said they never would.

Here is what you really need to understand about the importance of cell phones to your future as a fundraiser:
Right now, people (millions of them) want to know who your organization is and what you do to help people … and how they can help. And many of these people will donate to your Cause, Mission, or Ministry.

And when people want to know about your organization and want to support you … your job is to make certain both of those things can happen.

Today and into the future, the cell phone will be the major contact device (along with computers and tablets to a lesser extent) connecting your organization and your supporters.

Your job is to make that happen.


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