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The Online Marketing Movement That Is Transforming how Nonprofits Grow By Acquiring New Supporters And Revenue

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How does your nonprofit learn to implement
Content Marketing quickly, easily and cost effectively?

Introducing: “Acquiring the Next Generation of Supporters”
an Online e-Learning Course designed for busy fundraising professionals.

Benefits to this Online e-Learning Course

  • Increase your supporter base
  • Grow online revenue
  • Engage supporters at a deeper level
  • Enhance your career as an online fundraiser
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The online e-learning course
“Acquiring the Next Generation of Supporters.”
isn’t merely online videos or a field trip...


It’s about joining the movement with other nonprofit charitable institutions and organizations that have seen their traditional fundraising methods get harder or even fail as our older base of supporters shrink and younger generations, beginning with the baby boomers move online. This course is about great teaching and content. It’s about an incredibly unique experience of visiting with other fundraisers. But mostly, it’s an answer to the question ‘How can we learn to quickly implement online fundraising that allows us to replace our current declining methods?’

Greg Hampson, CFO

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Online e-Learning Course Summary

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e-learning Course that teaches you and your Development staff not only about Content Marketing but also gives you a detailed, easy to follow framework of how to organize and implement a successful Content Marketing Development strategy.

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Next Tutored Course Begins March 11, 2019

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About The Course Author And Instructor Mike Browne

Mike Browne is a commercial entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur.

In 2004, Mike became critically concerned that long-established nonprofit charities were failing to make the leap to effective online fundraising. Mike understood that digital disruption would soon cause the collapse of many charitable organizations direct mail appeal programs and sought to educate fundraisers about the alternative found today in online Content Marketing.

Throughout his career he has guest lectured at colleges and universities as well as speaking and writing extensively. Mike authors the fastest growing blog in the nonprofit fundraising space and he and his wife were founding directors of a Haitian orphan care charity that today builds homes and schools for both able-bodied and handicapped orphans in Haiti.